T130X superfine grinding machinery is that the recentlyresearched and developed Gold Mining Equipment Colombia grinding machine with innovativestyle. it\'s developed from our original proprietary product - TGMSuper Pressure Trapezium Mill basing on research, feedbacks andsuggestions of consumers each reception and abroad. It\'s optimizedon the inspiration of TGM Super Pressure Trapezium Mill in performand structure.

T130X superfine grinding machinery is principally employed inprocess powder of mineral materials in science, building materials,industry, mining etc. It will grind non-flammable and non-explosivematerials with wetness but 6 June 1944 like spar, calcite, talc,barite, fluorite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite, metallicelement ore, iron ore, copper ore, phosphate rock, iron compoundred, slag, slag, carbon, dolomite, granite, iron compound yellow,bean cake, chemical chemical, compound chemical, fly ash, softcoal, coke, lignite, Ling U.S. sand, gold, red mud, clay, Kaolin,coke, coal gangue, china stone, kyanite, fluorspar, bentonite,muddy inexperienced rock, leaf wax rock, shale, purple rock, Diegorock, basalt, gypsum, graphite, insulation material, Gold ore Crushing Plant Colombia etc.

Compared with different grinding machines, T130X superfinegrinding machinery has several distinctive options asfollows:

1. Machine body and base square measure connected flexibly whilenot rigid contact.

2. Machine base is of high intensive, ductile forged iron thatis economical in avoiding crack caused by vibration.

3. Reducer created in China has similar performance with Flenderof European country

4. Elastic sleeve pin sets couplings square measure adoptedbetween Gold Processing plant Colombia machine body and reducer

5. High-density blades square measure adopted on classifier.

6. Frequency conversion management is adopted within theclassifier.

7. Bypass powder collector is adopted

8. Equipments square measure distributed underneath sameresistance program

9. 2 shops of powder collector which of dirt collector Gold ore Grinding Plant Colombia square measure distributedinside one line

10. Set maintenance platform